Sewing Parties
Sewing Parties are fun for all ages and any occasion. Be it a birthday, girlfriends or bridesmaids gathering. The project are  selected by the host. The sewing machines and supplies are provided by Studio Tissue8.
It’s fun and easy. All you have to do is book the party and invite 4 – 8 of your besties. It’s that simple!
Sewing Parties for kids: *$25 pp
Kids: 10-14:  (4 min./8 max. participants) 
Projects: 14 x 14 pillow or Tote bag
Sewing Parties for adults: *$40pp
Adults: 18 & up (4 min./8 max. participants)  
Projects: 12 x 17 pillow, clutch handbag or Little Black Dress

*$25.00 (non-refundable) service fee due at time of booking.