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Congratulations on your engagement! I know, you have no idea where to start! No need to worry, Studio Tissue8 will guide you through the wedding gown purchase and professional alterations journey.Here are the (fail prof) steps to ensure a wonderful and memorable experience.

Determine the budget for both the total wedding and your bridal attire (style of wedding, time of year/day).

Identify and select the style of gown you want (keeping in mind budget, availability, weather, location, shoes and undergarments and accessories).

Schedule no more than three (3) bridal salon visits. Limit the amount of people to three (3) for your salon visit (you'll thank later).

Select the gown you feel most comfortable wearing (despite influence from others).

If the salon offers professional alterations, have them done there.

If not, hire Studio Tissue8, bridal gown/attire alterations specialist.  I take great pride in my ability to provide personalized service to my clients. My hands-on technique ensures a perfect fit every time. Each garment is meticulously cut, sewn, and finished to fit comfortably, wear well, and look great. Schedule your bridal gown/attire fitting as soon as possible (turn-around times will vary). Discuss your timeline with the seamstress, including traveling, weight shift, illnesses that may impact the fit of the gown and any other information that may impact this process.

Plan for 3-4 fittings (depending on the complexity of the alterations, this may vary).

Take all your 'day of' items to ALL your fittings. Shoes, undergarments, belts, accessories.

Be prompt for all your fittings. If you need to reschedule, be sure to give plenty of notice.

Follow these steps and your journey will be a wonderful and memorable experience.


Let’s Work Together. Schedule a consultation today and receive the personal attention your wedding attire deserves. The consultation is a 75 minute virtual session to discuss all things wedding attire. Be it a traditional wedding gown or, a few outfit changes. This time is you thinking out loud, time to talk and think it through and make sense of it all. This is time you'll appreciate now and once your big day is in the books.
Click the check out button to get started. Upon competition of payment, I will contact you to schedule a date/time that works best for you, or you can add the information in the message section to the right.
Hope to chat with you soon!

Chris Cooper
Studio Tissue8
P: 202-241-5060


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