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Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Tis the season!

Holiday Parties are back in full effect! Be it a small gathering or corporate. Either way it’s happening.

Surely you have clothing you’ve not had a chance to wear due to COVID, and/or there hasn’t been an opportunity. Now is the time to wear your holiday outfits.

But wait, you have a few fit issues.

We all know that the sizing chart used by the fashion industry is a joke. No one is the shape of a square box. Everyone has curves big and small, one shoulder higher than the other, one leg longer than the other, and so on. In all my years of sewing, I’ve not met a perfect body yet.

That said, the best way to get to your perfect outfit(s):

1. Shop your closet to identify your holiday clothing.

2. Try each item on going through the process of elimination by using these categories:

  • Keep it

  • Has potential

  • No way

3. Put outfits together based on your “keep it’s” (only). No doubt you’ll have incomplete outfits but you can add from your “has potential” to arrive at a complete outfit.

4. Narrow down to your 3 favorite outfits.

Here is the best part,

Schedule a free virtual “This Outfit is Fire” consultation (receive a discount on your first alterations service).

You’re on the way to 3 fantastic holiday outfits!

Once your clothes have been tailored to fit, you’ll look fantastic and feel absolutely beautiful and amazing.

You can thank me later.

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Tis the season to get engaged!

Overall the majority of engagements occur over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Studies also indicate, most people can narrow down the time frame for when the engagement will occur. That said, why not be prepared for the wedding planning journey.

Let the journey begin!

As a bride-to-be shopping for “the perfect wedding gown" is at the top of your to-do-list.

In my many years of experience I’ve come to understand why shopping for the perfect wedding gown can be an overwhelming experience for most. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. The approach to the purchase of a wedding gown should mimic the purchase of any big-ticket item you make. Many factors are to be considered, most importantly the budget (for the entire wedding).

As a professional seamstress specializing in Bridal Gown Alterations one can only imagine the vast number of encounters I’ve had as it relates to the “gown gone wrong” (I often joke that I should write book comprised of all my experiences).  At the end of the day no matter what the price point of the wedding gown, it will require alterations of some sort to fit properly.

A Studio Tissue8 Bridal Gown Fitting is normally scheduled long after the purchased of the wedding gown has been made (if the bride has chosen not to have alterations completed by bridal salon). In most cases it is at the fitting the bride learns of the alterations (sometimes costly and not possible) required to achieve the desired fit. It is also at this time the bride mentions to me “I wish I’d talk to you before I purchased my gown”. I contend this and other surprises can be avoided if the bride consults with a professional seamstress prior to heading to bridal salons with the hopes of finding the perfect wedding gown.

That said, allow Chris Cooper of Studio Tissue8 to equip you with the pros and cons of shopping for a wedding gown.

“An educated consumer makes the best customer”

I will help you navigate your journey by providing answers to your most pressing and important wedding gown shopping questions leaving you knowledgeable, confident and ready to shop until you drop.

Visit to learn more, schedule a free telephone consultation and/or your first consultation/fitting.

I look forward to talking with you!

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Cold Weather Blues

Just in case you haven’t notice the summer is pretty much over. Fall will officially arrive on Saturday September 22nd, with winter soon to follow. Are you ready?

I’ve come to realization that there is nothing I can do about the cold weather except prepare properly. Preparing for cold weather can stretch far and wide depending on what part of these United States you reside in. I’ve lived on the east coast my entire life experiencing all four seasons. I can tell you with all certainty the winter is by far my least favorite season. Knowing that, I make sure my cold weather wardrobe is on point.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate through the cold weather season:

Weather: Check the weather for the previous fall/winter season. All though it may not be the same for the incoming season it will not be that far off. Also check the daily/ten day forecast (I do this religiously). Knowing the weather conditions for the day is half the battle.

Wardrobe: Your wardrobe should line-up with the climate in which you reside and your life style. In the DMV region that means dressing in layers. Dressing for the fall weather can be tricky. The mornings and evenings are cool with warm midday's. Layered dressing will allow you to adjust to the varying temperatures throughout the day. Winter dressing is about managing warmth. Layers are still the name of the game. However additional clothing such as sweaters, leggings, coats, boots, hats, scarfs and gloves are added to the mix. Layered dressing can be uncomfortable. To avoid this, clothing made from natural fibers such as wool and cotton is your best option. They’ll provide warmth and comfort. Man-made fibers such as polyester do not breathe and cause the body to perspire even though it’s cold. Outerwear-jackets, coats and footwear are essential and play a major role in keeping you warm (and dry). Coats and boot types/styles run the gamut. Do yourself a favor and invest in quality outerwear (you can thank me later). Select the items that are conducive to the climate you’re in (this is not the time to be fashion savvy. My experience has been if it’s super cute is not going to provide warmth).

Did I say I dislike cold weather! I follow my own advice when it comes to cold weather so much so you may not recognize me when I’m outdoors.

Stay warm!

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