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Wait, don't buy that wedding gown yet!

Congratulations to all the newly engaged brides-to-be!

As a bride-to-be shopping for “the perfect wedding gown" is at the top of your to-do-list.

In my many years of experience I’ve come to understand why shopping for the perfect wedding gown can be an overwhelming experience for most. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. The approach to the purchase of a wedding gown should mimic the purchase of any big-ticket item you make. Many factors are to be considered, most importantly the budget (for the entire wedding).

As a professional seamstress specializing in Bridal Gown Alterations one can only imagine the vast number of encounters I’ve had as it relates to the “gown gone wrong” (I often joke that I should write book comprised of all my experiences). At the end of the day no matter what the price point of the wedding gown, it will require alterations of some sort to fit properly.

Studio Tissue8 Bridal Fitting

A Studio Tissue8 Bridal Gown Fitting is normally scheduled long after the purchased of the wedding gown has been made (if the bride has chosen not to have alterations completed by bridal salon). In most cases it is at the fitting the bride learns of the alterations (sometimes costly and not possible) required to achieve the desired fit. It is also at this time the bride mentions to me “I wish I’d talk to you before I purchased my gown”. I contend this and other surprises can be avoided if the bride consults with a professional seamstress prior to heading to bridal salons with the hopes of finding the perfect wedding gown.

That said, allow Chris Cooper of Studio Tissue8 to equip you with the pros and cons of shopping for a wedding gown.

“An educated consumer makes the best customer”

I will help you navigate your journey by providing answers to your most pressing and important wedding gown shopping questions leaving you knowledgeable, confident and ready to shop until you drop.

Visit to learn more about Studio Tissue8 and to schedule your consultation.

I look forward to talking with you!

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