Customized Bra & Shapewear Service


A customized bra and/or shapewear allows you to have the fit, coverage and support needed with a uniquely designed garment.


It starts with well-fitting *bra/shapewear. From there it will be

shaped and customized to go with a garment.


Fee: $65 & up per unit (cost determined at fitting)


*Client is responsible for purchasing the bra/shapewear.

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You have questions, I have answers!



In my many years of business as master seamstress I can tell you with all certainty that I've just about done it all.  From making a mascot to teaching upholstery and all in between.

I can answer any questions you have relating to sewing, alterations/tailoring, home decor, fashion/wardrobe,

wedding gown alterations and so much  more.


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Expanded Vintage & Thrift Finds Clothing

Restoration & Alterations Service

What’s old is new to you!

Purchasing vintage and thrift finds clothing is a real thing 

in the DMV region (and rightfully so).

To that end more than likely the garments will require restoration

and/or alterations of some sort.

Studio Tissue8 provides quality workmanship and affordable

service for all your vintage and thrift find clothing needs.

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